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Life-Changing Experience

Be one of the 100!

Like the ancient Olympic games, which unified the world,  ushered in peace, and paused conflicts, let UnityTrireme2024 stand as a beacon of global solidarity.

Be one of the 100 crew members,

transforming into an ambassador with a powerful message for the world:

Together, We Can Ignite Change!
Let's seize this moment to pen historic chapters

and champion noble causes.

Register Now

For a mere €5, seize the chance to embark on an unforgettable 4-day 'Hellenic Vibes' journey in Greece with your favorite person, all expenses covered!

The Scope for the whole endeavour is:

• An Epic Experience as a Trireme Crew Member.


• An All-Inclusive Greek Getaway: Airfare? Covered!


• Support Charitable Causes

AHEPA’s University General Hospital of Thessaloniki

  1. The "Adolescent Unit," a decentralized, model multidisciplinary structure offering psychiatric and psychosocial care services to adolescents (ages 13 to 19).

  2. ​Renovation of the Intensive Care Unit at the A' Pre-educational Surgery Clinic. (Learn more)

• A Global Message 

Global Unity, collaboration, mutual progress, solidarity,

peace and sustainable development.

Buy more tickets of €5 and multiply the odds to be one of the 100 lucky ones.

UnityTrireme is a tapestry of diverse threads, each telling a unique story.

From the bustling metropolises of North America to the vibrant landscapes of Africa, every participant adds a distinct hue to our global mosaic.

Each ticket, every euro, and every voice are contributions towards a resounding message:

in our diversity lies unmatched strength and unity.

Greek Paradise

How It Works

Join the Global Draw while supporting a noble cause. 
How? By participating in the UnityTrireme draw!

We are organizing a global draw (first week of June 2024)
Inviting individuals from across the world to participate
in a unique 3 days experience in Greece feeling the Hellenic Vibes (8th - 11th September 2024).
Also bring your favourite person to share this life-changing experience with you.
 (All inclusive-tickets/hotels/sightseeing)


Joining the Trireme OLYMPIAS for a high symbolism short trip by purchasing a ticket.
(a unique exact replica of ancient Athenian Trireme, fully operational and SeaWorthy)


While supporting a noble cause!

Join the Global Draw


This symbolic gesture of 5€ not only represents a chance to be one of the 100 lucky participants aboard

the Trireme OLYMPIAS but also stands as a commitment to global unity and support for charitable causes.


Proceeds from this initiative will be dedicated to various philanthropic endeavours (as clearly described previously), ensuring that our collective journey leaves a positive mark across communities worldwide.

A Life-Changing Experience!

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